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“I am by heritge a Jew, by citizenship a Swiss, and by makeup a human being, and only a human being, without any special attachment to any state or national enitity whatsoever.”
Albert Einstein

This exceptional new 636 page publication presents a unique, eclectic, collection of photographs, featuring over 500 portraits, many by some of the world's most gifted photographers which are sure to illuminate, inspire, entertain and even surprise
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from the Press

“One of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Jewish images and subjects ever to be published

Virtually every Jewish figure who has achieved anything in the fields of arts, sciences, politics and sports is in there”

Alex Kasriel, Jewish Chronicle December, 2008

“A magnificent treat of a photo album, packed with portraits of every Jew you've ever heard of - and plenty that will have you saying "Him? Never!"

The book is a delight [...] many of those included will feel their names will now be remembered down the ages simply because they are in it.”

Jonathan Freedland, Jewish Chronicle, December 2008

“Easily one of this year's most unique and noteworthy offerings”

Alan Jobe, The Thin Red Line, November 2008

“We were amazed at the size and contents of the book. It is really a masterpiece”

Zippi Rosenne, Director, The Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, November 2008

Readers quotes

“We love it [...] everyone who has seen it on our coffee table this weekend has been blown away”

“Very comprehensive [...] it is emotional to see this collection of characters from so many different Jewish communities”

“I opened it just to have a look, and I could not stop looking [...] great and very powerful. It deserves to do well”

“One of the most stunning and smartly-assembled photographic collections I've seen”

“Visually absorbing and emotionally captivating”


Friday 5th & 11th December 2008

Jewish Chronicle Newspaper

Feature article by Alex Kasriel: View PDF (828Kb)
Comment by Jonathan Freedland:

Wednesday 19th November, 2008

The Thin Red Line

First online review/blog about the book.

The book features:

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